Data privacy workshop

Data privacy workshop on 14 November 2022

AND instead of OR: Data privacy. Ways to deal responsibly with research data.

The virtual workshop “AND instead of OR: Data privacy. Ways to deal responsibly with research data” on 14.11.2022 aimed to create an exchange between interested parties from the NFDI consortia on data protection issues. Together, data protection-relevant questions were identified in order to facilitate cooperation to solve them. The workshop also provided an opportunity to present tools for easier handling of data protection.

From the list of tools that had already been collected in advance, two were presented during the event, which also served to open the discussion and further collection of topics.

The DARIAH Cnsent Form Wizard was presented by Pawel Kamocki of the Leibniz-Institut für Deutsche Sprache, IDS.

Manolis Terrovitis of the ATHENA Research Center presented the anonymisation tool Amnesia

This was followed by discussions on anonymisation models, consent forms and tools, and other applicable legal bases for data processing. The discussions on common topics and issues benefited from the exchange and mutual expertise. At the end, the proposals for further action were discussed. It was decided to collect further tools and topics here to discuss and develop them together.


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