Working together towards the goal: collaboration in sections

Although the individual NFDI consortia are dedicated to research data management in a wide variety of disciplines, such as the natural, cultural and social sciences, they have many topics in common. Sections are legally dependent departments of the NFDI Association in which these cross-sectional topics are worked on across the boundaries of the consortia.


Cross-cutting issues are identified and prioritised with representatives of the consortia. The strategy-led process, initiated by the NFDI Directorate and the NFDI Consortium Assembly, can lead to the establishment of sections. In the sections, the association members work together to develop cross-consortium standards, metadata standards and formats.

Four sections were established by the Scientific Senate of the NFDI Association on 01.10.2021. The following sections have been launched:

On 22.03.2023, a further section was established by the Scientific Senate of the NFDI Association:

Further sections are expected to be established in a renewed strategy-led process.

More information on regulations and recommendations for the work in the sections can be found in the Section Guide (German).

Information on the individual sections can be found in the published section concepts, which can be found on our zenodo community page: