Technical Foundations

The task of this work package is to develop and provide the technical foundations required for the demonstrators. This includes ensuring compatibility with the Gaia-X standards, documenting the architectural foundations required for this project, and implementing applications for the demonstrators based on these foundations. The implementation of the applications will be done with special consideration of the legal basics for the exchange and storage of data developed in the project, to enable an exchange of data that is as simple as possible and at the same time legally compliant. The applications developed here should be able to be used as reference implementations from outside the project.

These are the tasks in this work package:

  • Conceptual foundations, based on existing specifications (WP3.1)
  • Cloud-native architecture (WP3.2)
  • Storage infrastructure (WP3.3)
  • Compliance & FAIRness monitoring (WP3.4)
  • FAIR Identity Space (WP3.5)
  • (Meta)data terminologies & validation (WP3.6)
  • Distributed analytics (WP3.7)

Our technology radar provides an overview of relevant technology and associates it to the work packages (WP) mentioned above.

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Existing Specifications
Grant agreement BMBF

Grant agreement FAIRDS