From late 2021, FAIR Data Spaces will show demonstrators for a biodiversity data space, research data quality assurance, and cross-platform data analytics. In these demonstrators, existing and new infrastructure and data services play together according to the Gaia-X and FAIR principles.

These are the tasks in this work package:

  • Involving enterprises, particularly small ones, by subcontracts (please enquire if interested; further details to be provided)
  • ELSA training for data scientists: the aim of this task is a set of core elements regarding ELSA (Ethical Legal and Societal Aspects) training for data scientists so that they can  identify and mitigate potential relevant challenges that may occur during the phases of a data science project. Subtasks will include carrying out collaborative work towards the identification of the target audience, identifying core skills and attitudes relevant to ELSA in data science practice, specifying ways to teach these core skills as part of a reference curriculum.  In phase one, existing guidelines, courses, programs and curricula will be reviewed. Phase two will consist of the organization of workshops with the participation of multi- and interdisciplinary scholars and practitioners, and produce a suggested curriculum as a deliverable.
Grant agreement BMBF

Grant agreement FAIRDS