Events are regularly organised within the framework of NFDI. Here you can find out which events, lectures, conferences and meetings are planned. The responsibility for the content and organisation of the listed events lies with the respective organisers.

Datum Event Veranstalter/Organiser Ort/Location Info
24.06.2024 Edit-a-thon zur Beschreibung von Ressourcen im SSH Open Marketplace Text+, GFKI e.V. Bonn Info
27.-28.06.2024 Sprechen verstehen: KI und gesprochene Sprache Text+ München Info
28.06.2024 From Books to Bytes: LEAF-Writer NFDI4Memory online Info
01.07.2024 Auftaktveranstaltung des Datenkompetenzzentrums QUADRIGA Datenkompetenzzentrum QUADRIGA  online Info
01.07.2024 NFDITalk: FAIR Data in Immunology NFDI-Geschäftsstelle online Info
04.07.2024 Workshop: Deep Learning with Humans-In-The-Loop: Active Learning for NLP  BERD@NFDI Kassel Info
15.07.2024 NFDITalk: Jupyter4NFDI Base4NFDI online Info
25.07.2024 NFDI4Ing Community Meeting – Paths and Perspectives on RDM feat. Archetype FRANK NFDI4Ing online Info
02.09.2024 NFDITalk: RDM Compas: The Plattform for professional RDM NFDI-Geschäftsstelle online Info
10.-11.09.2024 5th NFDI4Chem Consortium Meeting NFDI4Chem Halle Info
16.09.2024 NFDITalk: Open Data in Photon and Neutron Science NFDI-Geschäftsstelle online Info
18.09.2024 NFDI4Memory Community Forum NFDI4Memory Halle Info
24.-26.09.2024 4Memory Summer School “Linking Data|Linking Communities” NFDI4Memory Stuttgart Info
26.-27.09.2024 Community Meeting NFDI4Objects NFDI4Objects Mainz tba
10.-11-10.2024 3. Text+ Plenary Text+ Mannheim Info
21.-23.10.2024 EOSC Symposium EOSC Berlin Info
23.10.2024 EOSC Symposium: EOSCxNFDI joint session EOSC, NFDI Berlin tba
24.10.2024 4th NFDI Science Slam “Crossing Boundaries” NFDI4DataScience Berlin Info
25.10.2024 NFDI4DS Conference NFDI4DataScience Berlin Info
27.-30.10.2024 FAIR-DI European Conference on Data Intelligence 2024 FAIRmat Karlsruhe Info
14.11.2024 FAIRagro Plenary FAIRagro Berlin Info
20.-21.11.2024 1st Base4NFDI User Conference Base4NFDI Berlin Info
27.-29.11.2024 PUNCH4NFDI Annual Meeting  PUNCH4NFDI Bonn tba
28.-29.11.2024 NFDI4DS Dagstuhl Seminar 2024 NFDI4DataScience Dagstuhl Info
26.-28.08.2025 2nd Conference on Research Data Infrastructure (CoRDI) NFDI-Geschäftsstelle Aachen Info