Roadmapping and Community

On the one hand, the work package Roadmapping and Community develops activities to bring together the two communities of Gaia-X and NFDI in the project and to develop a common vision. On the other hand, the activities in this work package ensure that the project is linked to international developments, e.g., at the European level within the framework of the EOSC. Workshops and conferences are held and the results of the project are presented at trade fairs.

These are the tasks in this work package:

Interactive Information

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Relevant Events

An overview of exciting events for the FAIR DS community in the areas of data spaces and research data management.

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Relevant Events

Social Media 

FAIR Data Spaces is on LinkedIn and X. Come visit us!


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Related Initiatives

With FAIR DS, we follow current developments at national and European level in the area of data rooms.


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Related Initiatives
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