(Published on 16.03.2023) As a decentralized network, Mastodon represents an alternative to well-known social media platforms such as Twitter. NFDI has now launched its own instance: https://nfdi.social/.

The instance is designed to be a place where users can share ideas about research data management (RDM) and discuss exciting topics from the consortia as well as the scientific community. We would like nfdi.social to be a space for interesting discussions and networking. Announcements of events relevant to the NFDI community are also welcome.

The nfdi.social instance is open to the NFDI community, but also to individuals from other RDM institutions associated with NFDI. To register click here: https://nfdi.social/auth/sign_up



The idea to become part of the Mastodon network and to run our own independent server came equally from the directorate/office and the NFDI community. Special thanks go to  Lambert Heller, who is the creator of the name “nfdi.social”. In addition, we thank our moderation team, which came together to develop and enforce the server rules in the future. This team unites people from different consortia.

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