Speakers and deputy speakers have been elected in four NFDI sections over the past few days. The elections take place every two years.

Common Infrastructures:

  • Speaker: Sonja Schimmler (Fraunhofer/TU Berlin)

  • Deputy speaker: Michael Diepenbroek (GFBio e.V.)

This is the second term of office for both of them in the speaker team – the roles have only been swapped.


(Meta)data, Terminologies, Provenience:

  • Speaker: Oliver Koepler (TIB)
  • Deputy speaker: Leyla Jael Castro (ZB MED)

Oliver Koepler is already starting his second term as spokesperson. New to the team is deputy speaker Leyla Jael Castro. She replaces Brigitte Mathiak, whom we would like to thank for her great commitment to the section.


Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects 

  • Speaker: Vasilka Stoilova (Uni Mannheim)
  • Deputy speaker: Ulrich Sax ( Uni Göttingen)

Vasilka Stoilova is the new head of the section, taking over from Franziska Boehm, whom we would like to thank for her commitment over the past two years. Ulrich Sax stood again as deputy speaker and was re-elected.


Training & Education 

  • Speaker: Sonja Herres-Pawlis (RWTH Aachen)
  • Deputy speaker: Peter Pelz (TU Darmstadt)

After the election, both will be involved in the section in switched roles.


Many thanks to all those who have taken on an office and are coordinating further progress in the sections!

Sections are legally dependent departments of the NFDI Association where topics relevant to different disciplines are addressed. New members from all disciplines are welcome and can register here  to work in one or more sections.

Do you have any questions about the sections? Send them by e-mail to sections[at]nfdi.de.

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