(Published on 18.01.2022, uptaded on 15.02.2022) At the Consortia Assembly of the Association German National Research Data Infrastructure on 14 January, the consortia represented in it approved the publication of a collective statement on the topic of basic services without any dissenting votes.

The background to this is that the DFG expert panel for the third round of calls for proposals has also made it possible to apply for basic service consortia. In December, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) published a current schedule that regulates the further procedure for applying for basic service consortia.

The timetable was discussed internally at the NFDI. At the end of 2021, an internal coordination process was ongoing. In the course of this process, the statement that has now been published was drafted. It reflects the position of the current 19 consortia on the topic of basic service consortia.

In addition to the consortia already represented in the consortium assembly, consortia under the Bund-Länder-Vereinbarung (BLV) of the second funding round that are not yet represented in the consortium assembly with voting rights, as well as the consortium initiatives of the third call for proposals, could also sign the statement. 

To the joint statement on the topic of basic services (German): PDF

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