(Published on 22.08.2022) Data literacy describes the ability to understand and implement the planned handling of digital data. It is therefore a requirement for effective research data management. One goal of the association National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) is to increase the data literacy of scientists. To this end, the project “Data Literacy in NFDI” was launched in mid-July. It is funded for two years by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). For the duration of the project, 1.5 positions for scientific officers were created at the NFDI office in Karlsruhe.

The aim of the project is to examine the topic of data literacy in the context of NFDI, to identify opportunities for expansion and support, and to develop strategic ideas for using the NFDI network for the interdisciplinary expansion of data literacy. Following an inventory and needs analysis of data literacy and data science training for scientists in NFDI, the project will develop target group-oriented concepts and solutions. In addition, the topic of data literacy as a whole will be highlighted. The connection to the section Training & Education of the association will play an important role in the realisation of the project.

The project fits into the German government’s data strategy, which aims to “significantly increase the innovative and responsible provision and use of data, particularly in Germany and Europe”[1]. The Council for Information Infrastructures (RfII) and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research also support the increase of data competencies in science and beyond. [2] [3]

“A high level of data literacy is more important than ever in the context of large, heterogeneous data sets and demanding user programmes,” says NFDI Director Prof. Dr. York Sure Vetter. The bundling and development of educational offers in the field is therefore a relevant step, he adds. “I am delighted about the start of the project.”

More information will be made available as the project progresses at https://www.nfdi.de/project-data-literacy-in-nfdi-has-started/?lang=en 



[1] Datenstrategie der Bundesregierung (2021): https://www.bundesregierung.de/breg-de/suche/datenstrategie-der-bundesregierung-1845632

[2] RfII – Rat für Informationsinfrastrukturen: Digitale Kompetenzen – dringend gesucht! Empfehlungen zu Berufs- und Ausbildungsperspektiven für den Arbeitsmarkt Wissenschaft (2019): https://rfii.de/download/digitale-kompetenzen-dringend-gesucht/

[3] BMBF Aktionsplan Forschungsdaten (2021): https://www.bmbf.de/bmbf/de/forschung/digitale-wirtschaft-und-gesellschaft/aktionsplan-forschungsdaten/aktionsplan-forschungsdaten_node.html


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