(Published on 04.05.2022) The section Training & Education elected its spokesperson and deputy spokesperson at its first official meeting on 3 May.

We congratulate the new spokesperson Prof. Dr. Peter Pelz and the deputy spokesperson Prof. Dr. Sonja Herres-Pawlis on their election and look forward to a productive collaboration with them.

This means that all four sections that have already been established have held their first official meetings and elected their spokespersons and deputies.

For the section Common Infrastructures, the kick-off meeting was on Tuesday 29 March. Dr. Michael Diepenbroek was elected Speaker and Dr. Sonja Schimmler Deputy Speaker. On Wednesday, 30 March, the section Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects Section met. Prof. Dr. Franziska Boehm was elected as speaker and Prof. Dr. Ulrich Sax as deputy speaker. The initial meeting of the section (Meta)data Terminologies and Provenance took place on 6 April. Dr. Oliver Koepler was elected as spokesperson and Dr. Brigitte Mathiak as deputy spokesperson.

The four sections have already started their work.

New contributors from all disciplines are welcome and can register here to work in one or more sections.

Do you have any questions about the sections? Send them by email to sections[at]nfdi.de.

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