(Published on 03.11.2021) The EOSC secretariat has published a study that gives an overview of the national structures that were established by European countries to coordinate EOSC activities.

 A total of 36 countries were interviewed, including the NFDI Association for Germany. The study shows that a large majority have established national structures and gives recommendations for further cooperation.

Read the study: EOSC National Structures: an overview of the national EOSC coordination and engagement mechanisms in Europe.


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Public evening lecture @CoRDI: Julia Janssen – Behind the Click (english)

We would like to invite you to look behind the surface of the online world with us. Under the title “Behind the Click”, Dutch artist and researcher Julia Janssen will visually explore topics such as Artificial Intelligence, the bias of algorithms and data profiling. The public evening lecture will take place as part of the first Conference on Research Data Infrastructure (CoRDI) on 12 September at 7.30 pm in the KIT Audimax.

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Funding of new NFDI Basic Services for Persistent Identifiers and Terminologies

The development of the NFDI portfolio for basic services is progressing with two further projects. The Consortia Assembly (KV) of the NFDI Association decided in its meeting on 7 July to fund two basic service applications.
In a one-year initialisation phase, a service for the NFDI-wide provision of persistent identifiers (such as DOI) as well as a service to support the description of data through uniform terminologies will be funded.

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