(Published on 17.05.2023) 3 questions, 3 hours. In our new format #NFDI3questions3hours, we invite you to an open discussion on our Mastodon instance @nfdi.social. In each episode, we provide three questions on current topics around #NFDI, #FAIRdata and research data management. We look forward to an exciting exchange with the #RDM community and lots of new input from diverse perspectives.

The first issue will focus on the use of AI in research.

It starts on Tuesday, 23 May, at 1 pm. Under the profile https://nfdi.social/@NFDI we will post three questions and open the lively discussion for three hours.*


All you need is a Mastodon account. If you don’t have one yet, here’s the way to register: https://nfdi.social/auth/sign_up


*Comments are still possible after our three focus hours from 1pm-4pm.

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IAM4NFDI: Identity and access management starts path to NFDI-wide basic service

On 31 March, the consortia assembly of the NFDI Association unanimously approved the funding of the basic service application “Identity and Access Management for the German National Research Data Infrastructure (IAM4NFDI)” by the collaborative joint project Base4NFDI.
This is intended to create the conditions for users from different disciplines, consortia and research institutions to be able to register for services and use them.

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