(Published on 24.03.2023) The NFDI sections are dedicated to topics that are relevant to all or several consortia. Common cross-cutting topics are tackled across the boundaries of the consortia and the various disciplines. In October 2021, the first four sections have already started their work. Now the fifth section, Industry Engagement (section-industry), is starting. Its establishment in the association was approved by the Scientific Senate on 22 March 2023.

The overarching goal of the Industry Engagement section is to coordinate cooperation with industry and thereby create more value for society. Just like in science, industry continuously collects data and works with methods and standards that are of great importance for several scientific disciplines. On the other hand, science also has data and methodological competences that are very important for industry.


More information on the Industry Engagement Section will be available here soon.


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IAM4NFDI: Identity and access management starts path to NFDI-wide basic service

On 31 March, the consortia assembly of the NFDI Association unanimously approved the funding of the basic service application “Identity and Access Management for the German National Research Data Infrastructure (IAM4NFDI)” by the collaborative joint project Base4NFDI.
This is intended to create the conditions for users from different disciplines, consortia and research institutions to be able to register for services and use them.

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Task Force Evaluation and Reporting publishes white paper as basis for interim reports of the consortia

The NFDI Task Force for Evaluation and Reporting (formerly the Task Force Monitoring) is working on the preparation of the interim reports of the consortia and the structural evaluation of NFDI. For this purpose, members of the task force wrote the white paper “Interim Report Reference”. The paper creates a basis for the consortia’s interim reports to the German Research Foundation (DFG) through jointly agreed definitions of cross-consortium topics.

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