(Published on 07.04.2022) The work in the sections started. This week and last week, the sections Common Infrastructures (section-infra), Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects (section-ELSA) and (Meta)data, Terminologies and Provenance (section-metadata) elected their spokespersons and deputies in their first official meetings.

For the section Common Infrastructures, the kick-off meeting was on Tuesday 29 March. Dr. Michael Diepenbroek was elected Speaker and Dr. Sonja Schimmler Deputy Speaker. On Wednesday, 30 March, the section Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects met for its session. Prof. Dr. Franziska Boehm was elected as speaker and Prof. Dr. Ulrich Sax as deputy speaker. Yesterday, the inaugural meeting of the section (Meta)data, Terminologies and Provenance took place. Dr. Oliver Koepler was elected speaker and Dr. Brigitte Mathiak was elected deputy speaker. We congratulate them on their election and look forward to working with the new section speakers. We would also like to thank all participants for their commitment. The section Training & Education will have its first meeting on Tuesday, 3 May, starting at 11 AM. Registrations are still possible.

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