Physical Sciences in NFDI

Physical Sciences in NFDI is a collaboration between the NFDI consortia DAPHNE4NFDI, FAIRmat, MaRDI, NFDI-MatWerk, NFDI4Cat, NFDI4Chem and PUNCH4NFDI. We unite experts on a broad spectrum of topics in physics, chemistry, mathematics and informatics.

In our workshops and talks we invite leading scientists to showcase good (data) practices to an international, interdisciplinary audience and foster discussions on various topics around research data management.

If you would like to contact the collaboration, please send us an e-mail via nfdi-physsci-jc(at)

Date Consortium Speaker Affiliation Event title Location Access to recorded talk(s) Access to slides
26.04.2024 Physical Sciences in NFDI Various Various Workshop: FAIR Data Principles in Physical Sciences in NFDI online
14.02.2024 DAPHNE4NFDI Matthew Newville University of Chicago Communicating X-rays Spectroscopy Data: Data formats for better, larger, XAS Databases Karlsruhe & online tba slides
01.02.2024 Physical Sciences in NFDI Sonja Herres-Pawlis RWTH Aachen University Diversity in Physical Sciences  online not recorded slides
24.11.2023 NFDI4Chem Nicola Knight & Samantha Kanza University of Southampton PSDI: Physical Sciences Infrastructure of the UK online tba tba
29.09.2023 Physical Sciences in NFDI Various Various Workshop: Unlocking the potential of data – FAIR data principles in NFDI online talk  slides
15.06.2023 FAIRmat Taylor D. Sparks University of Utah Materials informatics: Moving beyond screening via generative machine learning models  Berlin & online talk 
13.04.2023 NFDI4Cat Egon Willighagen Maastricht University Open and FAIR knowledge and data dissemination online talk 
02.03.2023 PUNCH4NFDI Ian Bird Technical Coordinator in ESCAPE, Project Lead of the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (2008 – 2020) Exascale-era data challenges in Physics & Astronomy Hamburg & online talk
09.01.2023 NFDI4Chem Susanna-Assunta Sansone Oxford e-Research Centre FAIR data: no longer optional, but it takes a village! online talk
07.12.2022 DAPHNE4NFDI John R Helliwell University of Manchester Applying the FAIR Principles to Crystallography Data Publication – a use case for DAPHNE4NFDI? Hamburg & online talk
10.11.2022 NFDI4Cat Nancy Washton Physical Sciences Division, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA Strategy for and psychosocial aspects of realizing FAIR data processes online talk
22.09.2022 NFDI-MatWerk Christopher M. Wolverton Northwestern University, Evanston, IL USA The Phase Diagram of All Inorganic Materials Berlin & online talk
05.05.2022 FAIRmat James A. Warren NIST Materials Genome Program The Next Decade of the US Materials Genome Initiative Berlin & online talk