ELSA Training for Data Scientists

Creating an ELSA Curriculum – workshop series 

    Part of the FAIR Data Spaces project is the development of a curriculum for Ethical Legal and Societal Aspects (ELSA) training for Data Scientists. Training on ELSA topics can identify and mitigate potential relevant challenges that may arise during the phases of a data science project.

    The first step was to analyze and describe the current ELSA training landscape as manifested in existing policies, courses, programs, and curricula. In addition, the profile of existing and future Data Scientists was described. The results were presented in the first FAIR-DS ELSA workshop and are part of the publications in the FAIR Data Spaces Community in Zenodo.

    A first version of the curriculum was presented in the second FAIR-DS ELSA workshop in June 2023. The training curriculum has also been published on Zenodo.

    Förderhinweis BMBF
    Grant agreement FAIRDS